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    An interesting curiosity of February months that they are not of leap years, is that the days of the month use to fit exactly with those of March. For this reason, today, that is a Sunday, I see that it stays exactly one month in order that, equally in Sunday, the 21st, we fly towards Katmandu to initiate the one that should be the last expedition of this project of 7 Summits.

    I have lived often through the sensation of countdown before beginning a great event, but this time, for everything what surrounds the occasion, the moment is specially critical.

    The first conclusion that I can advance, is that the more heavy, self-seeker, long and important is the project that we have in front of us, easier is it to be mounted to combine it with the normal life (Work and Family). I am much calmer now that when I leave, at least two months, than when I have things to do that means being away for one, two or three weeks. It’s simple  to understand why:  If the event to realize is really important for our life, we manage to anticipate the sensation that the walls that they use to prevent us from realizing our dreams, are not any more than fictitious obstacles that we are perfectly capable of overcoming if really we have clear what matters for us.

    Just now, on the verge of making it quite hung for eight weeks, I am much calmer than when I had to go away to the Aconcagua, to the Antarctica, to Papua or to the Mc.Kinley … I Have clear that, for many problems that it could suppose to me being absent during so much time, it will have been something important in my life. And precisely for this fact, I am able to extract the mask that uses to filter what is correct of what really we want; to throw forward a tremendous conviction and absolutely full of motivation, which makes me leave of side the typical excuses that are in the habit of surrounding us in order that we think that ” now it’s not the moment “, or “now it’s already  too late”.

    Big purposes are specifically useful to make ourselves realize that there is not a perfect moment to realize them. The unique suitable moment is the one that we decide. The circumstances will never allow us to live as we want. We are who must look to achieve the circumstances in order to do what we think it fits to us.

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    Comentario de vicente
    Fecha: 23 February 2010, 9:35 AM


    El ultimo, siempre es el mejor y no tengo ninguna duda que sera un exito…doble…los 7 ….CAMPEON


    Comentario de Miquel
    Fecha: 22 February 2010, 11:02 PM

    Albert, et desitjo que trobis el coratge i la inspiració per a superar els mals moments. La resta… disfruta-ho molt!!! Segur que anirà molt bé!!!

    Comentario de Albert Bosch
    Fecha: 22 February 2010, 3:51 PM

    Hola Jaume: Ja seria la p…. que ens conéguessim físicament finalment a l’aeroport… Jo volo cap a les 12h. Ja estaré al cas.

    Ep. Jordi: Pensa que el que deia lo de “Jove de 43″ anys pot ser en tenia 60!… o encara pitjor: Pot era un “Vell” de 32.

    Francesc i Imma: Moltes gràcies pels Ànims…

    Comentario de jaume
    Fecha: 22 February 2010, 1:16 PM

    Tu marxa i no pateixis per si són dos mesos a més. Quan tornis el món encara serà al seu lloc!

    Sort i disfruteu-ho.

    Jo arribo de la Transahariana al Prat el 21 al migdia, a veure si coincidim allà!!!

    Comentario de Francesc Comellas
    Fecha: 22 February 2010, 1:08 PM

    Molta ànims, ja queda molt poc. Que gran ha de ser poder veure el mon des de allà d’alt, ha de ser enormement emocionant. Des de aquí molta gent et farem costat.
    Seny i força. “Om mani padme hum”, que diu el vell mantra budista.

    Comentario de Jordi
    Fecha: 22 February 2010, 12:59 PM

    L´altre dia escoltant RAC 1 vaig sentir com recomanàven aquest blog, d´un jove (això amb 43 anys es difícil!) que li faltava 1 cim d´aquests “7 cims”. L´unic blog que llegeixo i surt per la ràdio? Senyal que el que fas es important “xaval”. Per cert, després de l´ultim seràs una mica “normal” i aniràs al Camp Nou per exemple? (em sembla que no, no?)

    Comentario de imma
    Fecha: 21 February 2010, 9:10 PM

    Vinga noi, a por ello…que ha de ser l’òstia, estar allà dalt…
    Namasté…ves-t’hi acostumant a aquesta paraula que l’hauràs de dir moltes vegades…
    Una abraçada