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    mt-vinson-2  Once again on the air… Again it begins the countdown towards a new expedition of the “7 summits”. Only four weeks to go out towards the one that should be the sixth and penultimate mountain of the project

    On November the 24th. I will fly to Punta Arenas (Chile), from where I will have to catch a plane to jump to the ‘continent’ always frozen of the Antarctica. It will not be an excessively long expedition, since in the mountain we have foreseen to stay only approximately 10-12 days. The rest, up to totalling approximately three weeks, is the time that we will dedicate to travelling and chaining the necessary but complicated trip combinations and, especially, very expensive, to manage reach and to go out of the mountain.

    This situation of ‘previous phase’ to the exit of a great trip, is almost a small routine with which I have got used to living in the last years. This has the positive part of that the habit helps you to rationalize better the preparation, and to be able to plan it without having a great mess in the normal life that one has apart of those little adventures. But also it has some negative aspects:

    Sometimes there is the sensation that one is always in a provisional situation between expedition and expedition; and everything what exists in the middle has to be confronted straining in understanding which is the normal and principal life, and that the big activities are the lucky exception. And also for it, one has to understand that he has to coexist with the stress that supposes preparing everything (specially to level of work), to disconnect every time for some weeks.

    Also the fact that one has already the habit of doing special and intense trips often, it does not have to make him lose the vision of which all this is very special. It’s worth to force oneself to give a special value to each of the opportunities  that one has of living through such an important experiences.

    In any case, in little more than one month I will be walking on the ices of the Antarctica; one of the most remote and virgins territories of our planet, and fodder to squeeze to the maximum this experience.

    And as usual, for those who want to follow it more closely, I will be explaining in the web of 7 Summits (www.7cims.com), the evolution of the expedition, with the maximum punctuality that it should be possible to me. From now to the 24th.,  it will be possible to follow the process of preparation or related news (Weekly updated minimum). And from 24th. Ahead, we will try to update it daily.

    We remind you that those who are registered in our “7 summits” database, will receive notice of the principal updates of the web; but not of all (That we don’t want to become too Exhausting to them). Those who want to be informed about every update punctually, they can register themselves in the system “RSS” (Available also in the same web).

    Therefore, I put my eyes to the target of Mt.Vinson, hoping to share with all of you this new stage of the project.

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    Comentario de anthony
    Fecha: 15 April 2010, 6:09 AM

    Thanks for the awesome information, I really love to spend time here going through these posts

    Comentario de jaume balague
    Fecha: 28 October 2009, 12:14 PM

    Osti Albert, menys mal que tenim noves teves ¡¡¡
    Les trobava molt en falta
    Diuen que el silenci de aquest indret es unic i impressionant, ja ens diràs………..
    Endevant i molta sort Jaume

    Comentario de Marc E.
    Fecha: 28 October 2009, 11:47 AM

    Molts ànims en el teu mes de compte enrera (Encara que no els necessitis per què ja ets tot un expert en això).

    Jo ja m’estic marcant aquests objectius a mig plaç que sempre dius tu, i desrprès de la cursa que vaig fer al setembre, ara m’he inscrit a la “duatló del avi Pau”. Es sencilleta però suposso que per algo es comença tenint en compte que no tinc ni bicicleta pròpia!

    Una abraçada i records a la família

    Comentario de Anna
    Fecha: 28 October 2009, 8:23 AM

    I ja en seràn sis!! Ànims i a ‘disfrutar’!!!! Seguiré les vostres experiències que segur seràn molt positives!!