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    The flight has been spectacular … Across two windows we have contemplated a fascinating spectacle of icebergs emerging of the sea, the day was so clear that the plunged parts were distinguished perfectly, Splendid conference have made us forget 4 hours and average of flight in almost claustrophobic conditions: the unique cabin is a great noisy box where they travel accumulated lugagge, crew and passengers, in addition the suspense was adding of how it would be the time coming to Patriot Hills’s Base, and of if finally we might land or to return. The plane always travels with sufficient Fuel oil to return to Top Sands from any point in case of not being able to land, so if the conditions are not ideal, gives about-face and another day it will be.

    The plane lands in a track of blue ice that measures 6 Km … and needs between 3 and 5 to stop, since it stops with the own inertia: it  neither takes skis, but a few normal wheels with plug but without nails, and on having touched soil it can neither stop nor use the reversed propellents, since it might skate and work out expelled from the route. For it the track has to be clean of snow and the conditions of wind and visibility have to be ideal. The landing is to sight, there being a special system of beacons and mirrors to distinguish the margins of the track, since you can imagine to come to any chestnut with an insect like that and to have to distinguish a track of ice in the middle of a desert of ice. And it exceeds to say that any inertia (for the wind) or wrong aim (for the visibility) that it should make turn aside.
    The device is a ” Ilyushin 76TD ” of Russian manufacture, very estimated for flights in extreme conditions and in situations of warlike conflicts. Already I had the doubtful pleasure of flying in one of these ‘irons’ when the year 2000 they evacuated us of Niger up to Lybia during the Dakar (Through the fault of a few terrorist threats)
    It is curious that in all these stupidities, the topic of the “special” aviation always accustoms to be present. One thinks often that the adventure is only in the activity , when often to fly to begin or to go out of the places where the activity is done already is an adventure by itself..
    This flight to Pariot Hills is a good example. The one that we will take tomorrow if everything is OK (with a light aircraft of skis) up to the field bases, also. 
    But I cannot avoid do memory  of other flights as that of a few months ago to land in the middle of the glacier of “Kalhitna” of the Mc. Kinley, flying to touch of the walls of the attached mountains to come. Or the flight in light aircraft to enter to the Papuan’s jungle, where we were landing in a minuscule track cut away in the middle of the vegetation in the comb of a mountain, and where the changes of time were also very sudden and dangerous for the flight of two hours and a half that there was taking us. Or when in the Dakar 1.998 they took me away with the broken arm of the way of the desert of Mali with a light aircraft of press that remained hooked in the sand and we had to go out 8 passengers to put plates. Or when evacuating us of Niger for the problem of the Dakar 2000, they appeared in the airport of Niamey two Russian monsters “Antonov” (The biggest freight plane that exists), to move all the cars, motorcycles, trucks and helicopters of the race up to Lybia in multiple trips …. Evidently, who is afraid to flying, for much that dominates the concrete activity, difficultly it will be able to get involved in this type of projects.

    Apart from the tales of planes, the sensations on having gone down the plane are spectacular. 17 º negatives, a white immensity ahead ours, and the sensation of being very far from everything … Finally we are in the ” Great Freezer ” of the world, ready to extract much more that cold of this experience …  Begins the Expedition!!
    Finally we could flight to Patriot Hills. Already we are in the Antarctica … What great moment!

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    Els vostres comentaris

    Comentario de Pep i Trini
    Fecha: 30 November 2009, 8:21 PM

    Només de llegir ja sentim el fred, sort que esteu a l’estiu!!
    T’enviem tota l’escalfor que surt de la llar de foc de l’Aixopluc, i en Teo ja comença a fer-te els Torrons per quan tornis!!

    Comentario de Alex
    Fecha: 30 November 2009, 12:31 PM

    Enveja total!!

    molts ànims!

    Comentario de manuel granada
    Fecha: 30 November 2009, 11:27 AM

    Amigo Albert;
    Recibe un abrazo desde Barcelona. Voy a intentar seguir tu aventura desde aqui.

    Comentario de Marta
    Fecha: 30 November 2009, 11:27 AM

    Renoi! Mai hi havia pensat en el tema de l’avió i de fet veig que pot arribar a ser el més perillós de l’expedició. M’ha sorprés que l’avió es vegi tan gran per fora i sembli confortable per dintre però després vagi tan ple de coses i sembli un magatzem…
    Per cert, m’encanta la fotografia de l’iceberg. Es preciós!!!

    Comentario de Pim
    Fecha: 30 November 2009, 9:35 AM

    Felicitats Albert per la nova aventura.
    Que et vagi molt be.
    Jo estic una mica aprop teu, ja que estic a Melbourne. Et seguiré de mes aprop i mirare cap al sur!!!

    Comentario de Dani
    Fecha: 30 November 2009, 12:16 AM

    Felicidades,no dejes de hacer fotos y de explicar tan bien todas estas vivencias, asi nos generaras las ganas de vivir las nuestras propias.ANIMO

    Comentario de montse riera
    Fecha: 29 November 2009, 11:09 PM

    Se’t nota pels comentaris que estàs visquent una altra aventura “palpitant” des d’aqui puc sentir com t’emociones al veure el cul del món!!! Disfruta moltísssim!! i sobretot cuida’t

    Comentario de Rafael i Anna
    Fecha: 29 November 2009, 5:15 PM

    Hola amic,
    Ja estàs al punt de sortida de la sisena etapa dels 7 cims, et desitjo el mateix encert, bon fer i sort que a les anteriors.
    En el teu relat sobre els avions, m’ha semblat sentir, per un instant, al meu pare relatant una de les seves aventures amb el seu “Caza Republicà Polikarpov I-16 Mosca”, se m’ha possat “la gallina en piel”.
    Salut i una forta abraçada.
    Rafael, Anna i tot Instalgroup.

    Comentario de xevi miró bruix
    Fecha: 29 November 2009, 5:05 PM

    m en alegro molt des de madrid que tot començi a rodar i que hagueu pugut arribar ja a l antartida, que per mi seria ja una “mision cumplida” :)

    Comentario de Francesc Comellas
    Fecha: 29 November 2009, 3:38 PM

    Quina aventura noi, només el fet d’arribar al lloc on tot comença, esperem que el temps continui bé i tot funcioni segons el previst.
    Una abraçada.