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    The 7 summits

    At the beginning of the 80’s, the North American Dick Bass had the brilliant idea of being the first climber in raising on the highest summits of every continent of the planet. To execute his project, he worked with Frank Wells. In 1981 they initiated the challenge and in 1983 already there had completed all the summits except Everest, since they had failed in the first attempt. In that moment Frank Wells retired from the Adventure; but Bass persisted, leading two new fruitless attempts to the Everest in 1984. Finally, On April 30, 1985 he reached the summit of the roof of the world, turning into the first mountain-climber of the history who was completing the challenge.

    7 summits map

    The Dick Bass’s list of culminating mountains of continents was the following ones:

    • Elbrus, in Europe. Since the Caucasus was considered to be the natural barrier between the old continent and Asia. This was displacing the Mont Blanc placed in France and Italy, traditionally enthroned as the European roof.
    • Aconcagua, the highest of South America. It in the Argentine Andes, almost opposite with Chile, to the south of the Tropic of Capricorn. El Aconcagua, el más alto de América. Se encuentra en los Andes argentinos, casi fronterizo con Chile, al sur del Trópico de Capricornio.
    • Kilimanjaro, indisputable master of the summits of Africa.
    • Mc.Kinley, in Alaska, maximum height of North America, and a real representative of the Arctic.
    • Mount Vinson, supreme altitude of the Antarctica, just in the center of the South Pole.
    • The Everest, roundly the culminating point of Asia and of the Earth.
    • El Kosciusko, en Australia, una discreta montaña de 2.228 metros

    This last summit is the one that generated more polemic, since there was a mountain-climbers’ wide sector that did not agree in considering it to be the summit of Oceania. The criterion was based on the position of the continental plates, so they had to meditate taking into consideration also some of the Pacific Islands, including Indonesia, Papua and Papua-New Guinea was inside the continental limits, and there was raising the highest mountain of that place of the world: Carstensz Pyramid. Some time later, in 1986, the Canadian Pat Morrow concluded also his ‘7 Summits’ project, replacing the Kosciusko by Carstenz’s Pyramid. From this moment two lists exist for the challenge of the ” 7 summits “: One with the version Kosciusko, and other one with Carstensz Pyramid.

    We will do the ” 7 summits ” including Carstensz Pyramid. We believe that it is a much more authentic challenge and it fits with our aim to live with the maximum intensity through the project, doing that every achievement contributes the maximum experiences. We are not very much felt in doing a trip to Australia, to take a car up to the foot of the Kosciusko and to raise the mountain in one day to return to have dinner to the hotel on the same night, when for going to Carstensz Pyramid we will have to mount a real expedition to enter for almost three weeks the inhospitable jungle of Papua, up to being the majestic rock of more than 5.000 meters that we will have to climb to be able to conquer, precisely, the most technical mountain of all the 7 Summits.

    After Bass with the Kosciusko and of Morrow with the Carstensz Pyramid, mountain-climbers emphasized as Reinold Messner and more anonymous others they have followed his steps, consolidating this challenge as one of the principal dreams to realizing for many lovers of the mountains. The first Spanish mountain-climber in doing the ” 7 summits ” was Ramon Portilla, of Madrid, crowning the Elbrus in 1994. The second one was the strong mountain-climber of Basque Country Ramon Aguirre, raising the Aconcagua also in 1994. The third and first Catalan was Forceful Josep Antoni Pujante, achieving the Mc. Kinley in 1.995, after two expeditions frustrated in 1992 and 1994.