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    Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation


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    The project

    I am Albert Bosch, and I love sport in general and, especially, extreme activities where the endurance and the personal challenge is required, but also a big dose of adventure and a lot of live experiences are part of the game.

    The ” 7 Summits ” project which is presented here, consists of crowning the highest mountains of every continent and of both polar zones. It is a challenge internationally known and recognized, since in the year 1.985 the American mountain-climber Dick Bass completed it for the first time.

    Nowadays already I have made four of these summits, and my intention is to carry out the entire project before finishing the year 2010; in spite of the fact that the topic of the mountain is not an exact science, and the proper activity and the risk that it supposes does not allow to put on temporary too strict goals. It is normal that I don’t reach anyone of the summits that I lack to the first attempt, and this can make me lengthen the foreseen calendar.

    I have prepared this Web to be able to share this adventure with everyone who likes these activities. From here I will be reporting of the evolution of the project, simultaneously that I will transmit the personal experiences and the reflections that contribute me each of these exciting goals.

    I am not a top level mountain-climber; I don’t try to beat any type of record, nor to make anything unpublished. I am a normal person with his work and his family, which he understands that trying to make the most sincere dreams of himself gives real sense to the life. I will have very sweet and very hard moments, but big great instants don’t make sense without the worst moments. The real sure thing is that I am going to live each of these moments with the most intensive possible Attitude. And from this web I can make you share a part of this passion, and you can transmit me a small dose of positive energy.