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    Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation


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    …And why not? With this response might be enough to explain the reason why one decides to be launched to a project of these characteristics.

    It is simultaneously very simple and very complicated to justify why one prepares to confront a challenge that, with complete certainty, it will endure bring many satisfactions, but also it will suppose many sacrifices so much in the physical side, since of preparation and of organization of always complicated professional and familiar agenda.

    Normally making real the dreams that everyone has means an important sacrifice. The self imposed challenges force me in one side, and put me to a big compromise on the other side, it contributes a real motivation to be able to achieve important aims.

    The target to conquer 7 Summits, the highest summits of every continent and the polar zones, is one of these challenges that imply risking very much, they incite to bet loudly, and need high doses of will, tenacity, perseverance, illusion, conviction, and a series of characteristics that allow to support the tension of a supported and continued work.

    It is not a question of raising only mountains, or to climbing when I am in good mood to, or only those summits which I like better. Here it is a question of confronting a challenge determined with a concrete calendar, which does that everything takes the form of a project that, with complete certainty, will have a significant importance in my life. It is a challenge that wants to go beyond the mere sensation of crowning peak, since it will allow me to bring me over to the top from the highest point of every continent of our dear world; I will live through incredible adventures; I will discover and coexist with different people and races, knowing habits, languages, religions and exotic cultures in remote countries. During this long and demanding trip for the planet, I will feel a real citizen of the world, in an exciting journey that will join the vocation of the traveller, with the ambition of the sportsman and the passion for the mountains.