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    Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation


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    The first idea

    After many years doing challenges of certain grade in different fields of the adventure sport, I started to have in mind the challenge of climbing the ” 7 Summits of the World “. It was looking like to myself an excellent way of having an ambitious aim that was joining so much the sports slope as that of adventure and to extract impressive experiences of the whole project.

    Having taken part for seven times in the Dakar Rally, It seemed to me that it was already time to focus me in another project of a similar dimension, but with a much wider scope. To climb the highest summits of every continent and of both polar zones would allow me to do an exciting trip all over the world, getting embarrassed of intense moments in some of the most beautiful places of our planet.

    The ” 7 summits ” were presenting some requirements that were fitting perfectly with my possibilities: Technically they were attainable mountains for my level, and it supposed travelling an average from 3 weeks to one month for expedition, except the Everest that needs two months; and from the logistical side, it was possible to confront the challenge individually or forming part of one group.

    In 2006 I went to climb Kilimanjaro with some friends of my MTB group, as a celebration of the tenth anniversary of a year’s Bike Journey . The trip consisted of raising the Kili and then doing a trip in bicycle for Tanzania. There I started having the idea of the ” 7 summits ” in the head, but I still didn’t take it really seriously.

    After that, on September 26, while I was on the verge of the crater that precedes the final top of the highest mountain of Africa, enjoying one of the most impressive dawns in my life. Then, I do not know if it was the height, the weariness, the beauty of this dawn, or the good mood with my friends, but the certain thing is that at that moment, I decided that already I had dreamed enough in spite of doing the ” 7 summits “, and that I wanted to take a compromise with myself to go for this challenge, and enjoy a lot of so intensive and wonderful moments like that one.

    The following year I devoted myself to organize the entire project, entering an adventure that would keep me very occupied during the next three years.