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    Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation


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    The aims

    This project the target to achieve the challenge that there marked in the year 1.985 the American Dick Bass: to conquer the ” 7 Summits “. This means to climb the highest tops of every continent and of both polar zones. And all that I want to do it in the limited space of time: In the year 2010 I want to have crowned those 7 Summits.

    This project will lead me to reaching the supreme altitude of the earth, the Everest; or the enigmatic Carstensz Pyramid, culminating top of Oceania; the highest summit of America, the Aconcagua; and the roof of Africa, the Kilimanjaro; or Europa’s maximum height, the Elbrus; including the highest points of the Arctic and the Antarctica, the Mc. Kinley and the Mount Vinson.

    My aim is not of collecting a few certain mountains, not of beating neither no record, nor that of being a pioneer in nothing, so it is not an unpublished challenge by no means. For me it is a personal challenge, a commitment well versed which has to take me as intimate concept, to the highest podiums of the nature. And simultaneously, I hope that it supposes a very positive balance of vital experiences; where actively I will have the satisfaction of reaching the goals, the knowledge of different cultures, the power to enjoy a few landscapes and splendid environments and an embarrassment of emotions that will lead me to philosophizing on many aspects of the life. But this balance also will have important liabilities: A physical important effort, a great witness and effort in the preparation; also the fact of assuming an evident risk; and a titanic effort to find inside the calendar the sufficient liberated dates, everything sacrificing time of work and, the hardest thing, of the family.