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    One of the aspects that make a project attractive as this one, is that there is not enough of being mountain-climber or good sportsman to carry it out. To execute an event as the ” 7 summits ” needs an important organization in many aspects that makes it more difficult but also more interesting and intense. Doing the whole package constitutes a really complete experience. The principal chapters to organize the project ” 7 summits ” are the following ones:

    • Training and good skills: Evidently there is nobody who raises you above of any of these mountains. It is necessary to have a good physical level and being technically adapted for the effort who will be done and for the characteristics of every specific mountain. I do constantly many sports activities, both of mountain and of other specialities, that support me to a good and enough level. But the project is long and needs to be fit during a long period, not having injuries during all these years. On the other hand, every mountain has to be prepared very well technically: In some the climbing skills are more important, and in others the main point is the cold, the ice climbing skills, the height, etc.
    • Material: For every expedition a certain material is needed. The selection of the whole suitable equipment will another of the key points to bearing in mind during the whole project.
    • Expedition: The full ” 7 summits ” challenge is based on myself, but in every expedition I will join a certain group. Organize the suitable group, the dates, the guides, the route, the trips, the permissions and all the necessary preparations it will be, undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of the whole project.
    • Communication: To be able to share it with all the interested people, request to treat the communication activity with the maximum seriousness and effectiveness. This includes, so much the communication before and after every expedition, and also during every climbing. For this I have the support of the Communication Agency “Strategycomm”, the web page and, in some mountains, will mount a system to be able to communicate for E-mail and telephone.
    • Budget: Unfortunately, the people in the whole world have the habit of wanting to charge for doing the things; and the budged the whole project is important. There is some mountain less complicated to logistics level as it can be the Elbrus or the Kilimanjaro, which does not suppose a very high budget, but others as the Everest or the Mount Vinson are really expensive. In order to solve this point, It will be necessary to work hard on the sponsoring side. At the moment, I am lucky to have an important support of the company “Saunier Duval”, who are helping me for the whole challenge. I also have some others sponsors like “Vista Óptica”, “GoLite”.